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Anonymous asked:

My uncle went to Hawaii and bought me a charm a local made. On the same trip, my grandfather bought me a yarn doll. My grandfather has passed on, and my doll makes me feel close to him and takes away my nightmares and panic attacks. I attached the charm to it, because the local told my uncle that it would go to a future surfer, and here I am, surfing. It reminds me who I am, and I need it to sleep, but I'm afraid my friend'll laugh at me for having a doll even though I'm in high school...

That is a remarkable and beautiful story! Don’t be ashamed of the doll especially if it has true significance and meaning to it. That doll is special and should be shown to the world and why it means everything to you. I’m in high school and I still lug my polar bear around with me haha. But they’re not your real friend if they laugh even after you told the story. I hope surfing is amazing for you, keep the good vibes going! Spread the love your grandfather spread to you as well. This world could use a little more love and good vibes :) 

You can talk to me at any time if you need it too as well on or off anon!